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Not for the Faint of Heart!

Champion Athletes have been using guided focus imagery for years. Champion Bodybuilders such as Tom Platz, Kai Green and Markhus Ruhl use these techniques to focus their mind on their training and take their results from mere mortal to super human. Created by superstar instructor and Certified Hypnotherapist, Shaun Royer uses his knowledge of psychology and fitness to give you the same results as his celebrity clients in Los Angeles and Universities around the Country, including Harvard University, Trinity University and The University of Texas. He has used these hypnosis sessions to help create his own incrdible 320lbs physique with 24"  arms that turn heads at every gym he goes to. 

Unlike other bodybuilding mp3s made by regular hypnotherapists, Mr. Royer understands the insane commitment and total lifestyle change it takes to create a super body. Thes mp3s are only for serious minded athletes who want to take their bodies to the ultimimate level.

Get Results Now!

Our bodybuilding tracks will help you to:

* Improve performance and skills.
* Increase muscular growth.
* Generate postive self-belief
* Remove obstacles to wining success.
* Focus clearly, sharp and concentrated.
* Improve your mental stamina.
* Increase motivation and drive with enthusiastic training
* Remove hesitations. Take away self doubts.
* Overcome training plateaus, strength barriers
* Create and maintain a very positive state of mind.
* Induce better pump.
* Create rapid recuperation.
* Encourage proper training style and perfect form.
* Increase appetite for certain muscle growing foods.
* Release hormones such as adrenaline and endorphins while you train.
* Stimulate the pituitary gland to release more hormones.(Hgh and testosterone)

The Best Bodybuilding Motivation Ever Made!

Maximum Bodybuilding

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GAIN BIG MUSCLE NOW! You will NEVER find a better Bodybuilding Track on the market! It’s been a long held belief that there are three important staples to building muscle - lifting weights, correct nutrition and sleep. However, scientific studies have shown conclusively that mental imaging is almost as effective in building muscle as actually lifting weights, and when coupled, can produce amazing results in bodybuilding. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back.

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How to use

Maximum Bodybuilding is our best seller! Available for the last two years, we've gotten a 100% 5 star review.
If you use this mp3 for 21 days and it hasn't taken you to the next level, we will GLADLY refund your money.

We suggest using this mp3 as follows:

Days 1-21:      Listen to it as many times as you can. Especially Morning, Afternoon & Night.
Days 21-60     Listen to it once a day.
Days 60-90     Listen to it three times a week.
Day 91-           Listen once a week or as needed.

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